Atul Thapar – Managing Director

Atul Thapar is a fortune 500 regional CIO and one of Australia’s leading IT professionals. His experience in defining & executing IT strategy aligned to business objectives spans more than 25 years.
His contributions, having delivered over $15m a year to the bottom line has earned him the title of a transformational business value creator.

Atul’s areas of expertise include change acceleration across a range of functions and regions in a global environment, mergers & acquisitions, multiple concurrent program management, operational excellence through business management solutions and mentoring & coaching.

Atul established E-Bit Systems in 2000 with the vision to bridge the gap between business and technology by providing end-to-end integrated IT and technology services that make business sense. E-Bit Systems is a fast growth company and since a oganisational restructure in 2012 has expanded its service offerings through a series of acquisitions including Providence Solutions Australia – a leading distributor of fault tolerance technology solutions.

Atul has held a number of senior executive positions with large corporations including Vice President IT at Resmed, CIO ANZ at Hudson and CIO Asiapac for GE Healthcare. In these roles, Atul led regional teams of up to 110 and managed yearly budgets of up to $40m. Some of Atul’s outstanding business achievements during his corporate career include:

  • Defined and executed the IT strategy for the Asia Pacific & ANZ operations of a global multi-national to enhance business integration, customer NPS improvements and financial visibility leading to business growth and improved control.
  • Enabled significant infrastructure provisioning and operations agility from several weeks to a few hours by moving product development platforms to the Amazon cloud.
  • Led multiple Asia-wide Oracle & Mfg/pro ERP systems and sales tools programs from strategy definition to project execution which yielded cumulative net income benefits of over $5m a year.
  • Significantly improved control over the scheduling and forecast accuracy of product delivery from global factories. Increased customer satisfaction and minimised delays in revenue collection.
  • Reduced grey market sales in ANZ by 70% for machines and 20% in masks by devising and implementing an innovative online transaction monitoring solution.
  • Transformed the Business Intelligence platform from a sales reporting tool to a key business performance management platform with pervasive use across multiple functions.
  • Delivered cost savings of 35% by outsourcing the IT infrastructure and establishing an operations centre in India.
  • Achieved a $1m a year productivity improvements for ANZ by focusing the team on the LEAN Six Sigma philosophy.
As one of Australia’s leading visionary IT professionals, Atul is frequently asked to present papers appear on panels providing insights on a range of technology and business IT management topics including cloud computing, fault tolerance solutions and emerging technology trends. Atul holds a Masters of Business & Technology from the University of New South Wales, and has qualifications in change management, LEAN Six sigma, people leadership and a Diploma of Applied Science.

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